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Electric Guitar/Acoustic Guitar/Vocals: Austin James Hicks

Bass/Drums: Ben Wallace-Ailsworth

And I Sing

More 3’s here. I was really into it. First part is the anxiety. The part that starts off the whole thing. First what causes it all, what it feels like, and how I dealt with it. Then along the way I found a lady, she didn’t find me though. Then the last part is actually true. I met a guy who was dead for a few minutes then came back. He was a really nice guy. Still is probably too. The chorus comes from a thought I had when I was little that I draw on quite a bit. One night, I was the last one to come upstairs so I had to turn off all the lights. I was afraid of the dark. Then suddenly while walking up the stairs, fearing that these were my final moments, I had an epiphany. “If I sing, the monsters can’t get me.” I haven’t stopped singing since.

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